Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this one started with me, John Paul the Owner and Operator of Synergy Onsite.  Growing up in South and Central Texas I have always had a longing for the outdoors.  Whether is was playing baseball, hanging out at the the family’s cabin swimming in the creek or tending to the land trying to make a dollar; as a child I was out in the sun.  Later on I realizing the greater picture that us Texans are truly blessed.  After Art school and trying my hand as a Chef I realized a young family man I needed a more stable income.  Through a family contact I walk into a career in septic.  For almost 6 years I worked with father/son operation who were leaders in their field.  While working for them I realized I loved working septic.  Knowing not only was I helping people but also helping the environment at the same time.  There I truly learned the craft of septic services and mastered the trade.  Their company had a massive perimeter with a vast diversity in different systems.  While working at Texas Septic Services, I met Craig Owner of Sellman Enterprises and Affordable Concrete, once Master Plumber interim Septic Installer 1, 2 and pumper; to parts dealer and manufacturer and services.  Craig encouraged me to branch out on my own and connected me with Raymond Vallego of Raymond Vallego Sr. Septic.  Together we combined forces to make Synergy Onsite.  My goals are to provide for my family and save your family from septic hardships. While preserving the Texas environment and lifestyles for the next generation.

Next Steps…

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